Doormat Care Instructions

To ensure the longevity of your new doormat, we recommended placing your doormat in a protected area such as a covered porch, garage, or awning. Direct exposure to rain or snow will decrease the longevity of your doormat.  If your doormat gets wet, simply turn it over so the water can run out, then let is dry in the sun.  Doing this will prevent the natural fibers from turning a darker color, ensuring the mat stands the test of time.

Note* Mats are subject to wear and tear after long and heavy use. For optimal care and use, please avoid doormats direct contact with heavy weather conditions. 

Coir doormats are made up of the stiff fibers in coconut husks. It’s a well-liked choice for doormats because the stiff fibers are effective at removing dirt from the bottoms of shoes. Coir is additionally rot resistant which makes it a wonderful material for outdoor products like doormats. Follow these care instructions for coir doormats, they're very similar care instructions for normal doormats:

  1. Shake out heavy debris over grass, dirt, or mulch outside
  2. Use a stiff bristle brush and water to lightly scrub away any stubborn dirt, mud, or stains. Avoid heavy scrubbing over printing to avoid damaging printing.
  3. Lay flat or lean against a wall to dry